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Calamine: Shop

CDs and Tshirts

What We Forgot to Remember - the album - LP

Our full-length album. Now for only $5 plus $3 shipping.  Straight from the band, includes bonus stickers!

Click on the album cover to get right to it!  

(I mean, are you kidding? You don't have one yet?  For the price of only 3.4 lattes, you could have this record.  A real CD right in your hands... The best full length we ever made.  I'm totally serious.  Stop reading. Click here.)

Buy this at CD Baby

Calamine the EP - EP

Buy the EP direct from the band, via Paypal.

Click the cover below to go straight to Paypal to purchase!  $5 plus $3 shipping.

This was the first one.  Recorded over a weekend at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn.

You should really have a copy.

Buy it at CD Baby

T-shirts - like we're on tour, and you just can't get enough

Our "Trees" t-shirt.

$7 plus $3 shipping.
On sweatshop-free shirts.

Seriously. When was the last time you got a) real mail and b) a t-shirt delivered to your door for only $10?  Really, when was it? We can fix that.  Ten bucks.  You can't see a movie for $10 any more, and this will definitely last you longer than a movie.  Plus, one more day that you don't have to do laundry.  Priceless.  Buy two.

Shirt Style/Size

Tree-shirt 18 m.o. onesie

The t-shirt for the little hipsters on your list!

$5 plus $3 shipping.
On American Apparel sweatshop-free shirts.

Digital downloads

"What We Forgot...", at iTunes

The EP, at iTunes

One song at a time, digitally
Calamine EP at iTunes Music Store